Kevin & Perry Go Large: 20th anniversary playlist

When ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large’ was released in 2000, few could have predicted the impact the movie would go on to have on global dance music culture. A spin-off film based on Harry Enfield‘s popular BBC comedy sketch-series, ‘Kevin & Perry’ ventured to the holy land of Ibiza, embarking on a dream of becoming superstar DJs alongside fictional Cream Amnesia resident ‘Eyeball Paul’. Set during a golden era for the White Isle, the film’s soundtrack instantly became the stuff of legend, as the two lead characters danced the nights away to tracks such as ‘Ayla’, and ‘Coming on Strong’.

Now, with the movie preparing to celebrate a forthcoming 20th anniversary next year, Amnesia Ibiza have announced a very special tribute party to take place in September, headlined by Judge Jules. The foam party will include all the biggest hits from the comedy-dance movie, and will likely prove one of the most popular events in the world of the Balearics next summer, as fans from all across the globe jet in to grab a slice of late 20th century/early 21st nostalgia.

To mark the occasion, We Rave You have delved into the archives to curate a special playlist filled with our favourite Kevin & Perry classics, including trance anthems such as ‘Mystery Land’, and ‘Luvstruck’. They don’t make ’em like this anymore! So follow our playlist below and enjoy Ibiza’s golden era… “LARGE!”

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