Lane 8 unveils Winter 2019 Mixtape

Lane 8’s seasonal mixtape series has been going down an absolute treat with fans. He has managed to create a totally unique and clever way to encapsulate the mood of each of the four seasons across the year. Starting this series a few years ago, it has grown and grown to the point where fans all over the world look forward to each new season mainly for the new mixtape content that arises from the talented mind of Lane 8 a.k.a Daniel Goldstein.

Currently, Goldstein is gearing up to go on a huge 2020 tour in support of the new album – out January 10, 2020 – ‘Brightest Lights’. The tour will start in America in January with a sold-out date in Boston before hitting other states like Texas, Florida, Colorado and more before moving onto Europe dates across April and May and ending with a massive show at Brooklyn Mirage in New York. As someone who encourages no recordings of his shows on smartphones, the spectacle that is his live show truly has to be witnessed to be understood properly.

To gear fans up for the 2020 tour, the ‘Winter 2019 Mixtape’ is here to take listeners on a hauntingly beautiful journey through enchanting melodies and punching beats. Expect to hear material from the likes of Eli & FurGorgon CityPryda and Tinlicker alongside Lane 8 himself. With music from labels like Anjunabeats, This Never Happened (Goldstein’s very own imprint) and Afterlife, the super diverse range of sub-genres and tracks is spread out across 2 hours of pure euphoria. This one also has an abundance of IDs (around ten) to keep fans on the edge of their seats and to give them a taste of what they can expect within the music world in 2020.

As always, Lane 8 has smashed this so make sure to give the ‘Winter 2019 Mixtape’ a listen in its entirety!

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