Martin Garrix is back with a fresh episode of his docu-series

Dutch EDM wizard Martin Garrix is back with a fresh episode of his docu-series The Martin Garrix Show. For the fourth time in a row the young artist has been documenting his year and is now giving us an insight into his day to day life, the struggles he faces and all of the joys that his work brings him. 2019 has definitely been a rough year for Martijn, the unfortunate injury of his ankle, that forced him into canceling quite a few of his shows in order to recover properly. In the previous episodes of this season we could see what really went down after his jumping accident in Las Vegas, how his recovery went and how he and Australian singer and songwriter Dean Lewis made their latest hit collaboration ‘Used To Love’.

The seventh episode of the season has now been released, it’s called “Back on one leg” and it shows how emotional and difficult the healing process has actually been for Martin. In the beginning of the episode he takes us to his physio appointment, which is taking place exactly one month after the accident. The speedy recovery is really surprising, not only is he able to put some pressure on the injured leg, but he also tries standing up on both legs. After the successful check up. the show takes us to the next week and gives us a behind the scenes look at how Martin is preparing himself for his big return at Ushuaïa Ibiza. He invites over his friends and throws a party for them in order to see how his leg is going to perform during his set. Since there are only two days left until the show, he needs to know if he is capable of standing up for the whole set, or if the pain will be too much for him to take. The peak of the episode is definitely his energetic comeback performance at Ushuaïa, which is also the official start of his summer tour.

Martin commented that he’ll be picking up the pace again in the next episodes, so we are already looking forward to that and to more behind the scenes insights from the crazy tour life that he is living. New episodes of The Martin Garrix Show are out every Tuesday, 6AM PST | 9AM EST | 3PM CET, so make sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Check out the latest episode below:


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