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The Avicii tribute concert in

Multiple new Avicii releases have been leaked

Home Uncategorized Multiple new Avicii releases have been leaked

The Avicii tribute concert in Stockholms Friends Arena took at the time of writing, bringing thousands of fans together, in Stockholm and in front of their TVs, computers, tablets or phones for the portion that was live streamed. As far as we can tell, the whole show, the crowd, as well as all artists involved gave their best to pay their respect to Tim Bergling, who unfortunately left this world too early last year.

This week it appears that multiple new tracks from the upcoming Avicii album have been leaked as users on r/Avicii are reporting. First ‘Lethal Drug’ feat. Chris Martin, the singer of Coldplay, and ‘Alive’ feat. Wyclef Jean, formerly part of the Fugees, have been reportedly leaked. Later on, more users were reporting that in addition to the two mentioned, a song named ‘We Burn’ and ‘Too Much Fun’ have leaked as well. This makes four songs within a single week while leading up to the Tribute Concert meaning that we could maybe see a release in the next couple of weeks?

Based on the feedback provided, fans are predominantly happy with the outcome of the tracks, if these are even final versions, which we yet have to find out.

All the profits from the concert, as well as sales of the album itself, will go towards the Tim Bergling Foundation, a foundation created by Avicii’s parents to raise awareness that suicide is a global health emergency and promote removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues. For this purpose, we will also not link any leaked songs as we fully support the cause of driving behind the concert as well as the album. Always remember, you’re never alone and if you or someone you know is experiencing mental health issues, please contact your country’s suicide prevention hotline. If it is still on, you can watch the concert via the below link on YouTube or, if there’s a release, rewatch it.

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