Nicky Romero anthem ‘Toulouse’ turns 8 years old

When it comes to Nicky Romero, it is with no doubt that some of  tracks are among the finest and most memorable dance tracks we’ve heard over the years. It was at the start of the decade that a fresh-faced Romero started to find his feet within the industry, having already released remixes for the likes of David Guetta and Dirty South among others. Shortly after, he signed for Spinnin’ Records where his career took flight. Under the imprint he released “My Friend” in 2011, but achieved even greater success with “Toulouse”, released later that year; 8 years ago today in fact.

This revolutionary electro house anthem hit the US Charts in emphatic fashion after its later release date state-side, reaching the number 17 spot. “Toulouse” also charted in Romero’s homeland, charting at number 92 in the Netherlands. With this new Nicky Romero sound came a lot of attention from other artists, catching the attention of both Tommy Trash and duo Chocolate Puma who eventually went on to remix it. For Nicky, this song clearly holds a special place in his own heart as it still sees frequent playtime as he continues to tour.

The release was shortly followed by its very own unofficial music video in which people in Guy Fawkes masks can be seen dancing around the streets of Hamburg to the sound of “Toulouse”. The mask then quickly became a staple of the Nicky Romero image, with fans around the world still donning the mask at his shows to this day. The video has been viewed over 425 million times and you can see why for yourself below!





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