Anna Mirani – Nights Are Cold (Alpine Universe Remix)

Winter time also means Christmas time. During these cold days, there aren’t many better things than just enjoying the freezing temperatures inside your house with a hot chocolate or something similar. In terms of music, there is an almost endless selection of Christmas songs available, from traditional songs like ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’  to evergreens such as ‘Last Christmas’ you can find pretty much everything being played around the world. Luckily, fans of Electronic Dance Music don’t have to endure other songs during that time, because there are even some holly jolly EDM tracks out there. Artist and producer Anna Mirani made sure that you have no troubles finding the best EDM tracks for the winter season; the originated Siberian created an EDM CHRISTMAS playlist on Spotify CHRISTMAS EDM Playlist featuring tracks like ‘Christmas Days’ by Armin van Buuren, ‘Close Your Eyes’ by Felix Jaehn, VIZE ‘Cold December’ by Kaskade, and, of course, her own ‘Nights Are Cold’ which you can check out below!

Given Anna’s heritage, you can tell that she knows how cold feels – the young Russian hailed from Siberia! As she speaks about her own creations: «I am trying to reach to the stars. My path is long. I get luck to produce this single in a collaboration with Paramount Rec.Studios. In Los Angeles I met French Dj Alpine Universe and he was inspired to create a remix for me. Mix of different genres – FUTURE MUSIC! Lyrics are about depending relationship, how does it feel inside to move over it and how much power you need to leave it. But every woman in this world should know she isn’t alone. This all about ‘Nights Are Cold’»

The track sounds haunting and breathtaking. With the vocals isolated at the very start, it puts a shining spotlight on Anna Mirani’s voice before the beautifully made beats creep in to add extra dimension. Sounding so different from what we are expecting to hear, there was found the perfect balance between unique style and commercial EDM music. The drop is truly something special, adding extra vocal chops to elevate it even more and make it sound truly unique.

Alpine Universe remix is a masterpiece, and deserves to be blasted out on speakers!

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