Nora En Pure will cut down on touring

Nora En Pure had a very successful year and her popularity and notoriety increased. With the growth and release of her music, the demand for her performances increases as well. The schedule of a touring DJ and producer is very hectic and that kind of schedule demands a lot from the body. The pressure of the music scene and touring gets the best of everyone and it seems to have caught up to her. Nora En Pure has announced that she will cut down on touring in the year 2020.

This past year was a huge one for Nora En Pure. This year she released the ‘Homebound EP,‘ remixed ‘See The End’ by Above and Beyond and Seven Lions and also played huge festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra and EDC Mexico and Orlando to name a few.

Nore En Pure cutting down on touring won’t affect some of her other ventures. Her weekly podcast, Purified Radio, appears like it will not be affected by the cut in touring as episodes are still being released every Monday. She also just started her own label, Purified, which she will also be able to give more attention to during the extra downtime.

Nora En Pure stated that she will tour all over the world and hit all of the major cities and some new ones along the way. If Nora cutting down on touring is what it takes for her to feel more healthy and refreshed then I’m sure all of us as fans can get behind that. We all want Nora to play for a long time and be in her best condition.

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What a year!!! ? Insanely good, but also really intense! In 2020 my touring will change a bit. As previously mentioned, life on the road can be tough at times, and this year I wasn’t happy having to cancel some sets due to sickness. I would prefer not to make a commitment in the first place, rather than having to cancel it. For my mind and body I have therefore decided to cut down a bit on touring in 2020. I’ll have major touring blocks touching down in all the familiar cities and also some new territories, which I’m very excited about, but I’ll also have regular longer touring breaks where I’ll be able to focus more on my music, label, radio show etc, but also enjoy down time. That’s my outlook for 2020 and I can’t wait for it – not to have less moments with you, but to be able to enjoy them more & to keep up with this lifestyle for a longer time! ????

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