RAM to host unforgettable 25th anniversary “Essence of Trance” show in 2020

2020 marks a special milestone for Dutch trance producer and DJ, RAM, as he ventures into his 25th year as a mainstay icon of the electronic dance music industry.

To celebrate such an incredible milestone, he will see in the new decade with a very special show at the reputable Paradiso venue in Amsterdam. On Saturday 18th January, dedicated trance fans will enjoy his refreshingly new “Essence of Trance” concept, focusing on the less commercial, more emotional and beautifully natured trance the scene has to offer. The concept itself was only initiated earlier this year following the launch of his brand new Nocturnal Animals imprint. It has already established a remarkable reputation, with a breathtaking “Essence of Trance” show at Paradiso’s sister venue Paradiso-Noord back in April. 

The January edition of the show is also sure to be a memorable one with unprecedented lighting and production in place to complement hours of revitalising trance. RAM’s performance will be enhanced as he is joined by two very dear friends of his whom he has worked so closely with during his illustrious career; Susana and Stine Grove will provide live accompaniment throughout the night.

In tandem with the mouthwatering Nocturnal Animals presents “Essence of Trance” show, RAM has also announced a forthcoming quadruple disc mixed compilation album, which will brush over his greatest hits and instead linchpin some of the finest tracks that he advocates so personally. The album will also see release in January 2020 and will provide the perfect soundtrack as trance continues to evolve into a new decade. 

Neither the show or the album are things you want to miss out on with only the best having the opportunity to perform at Paradiso. With the likes of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Nirvana having previously played there, expect nothing but the most exceptional music, as RAM expresses himself through a sensational selection of trance anthems. Last month the man himself took to YouTube to give fans an insight into just what to expect from “the most special gig of his career”.

As we look forward to the event and album release, you can find ticket information and more here!

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