San Holo presents album1 (a lot of remixes)

Since San Holo debuting his first ever album ‘album1’, his career has skyrocketed to new heights. From playing the main stages of festivals like EDC Las Vegas to headlining the world renowned venue Red Rocks, the Dutch star has been simply unstoppable. ‘album1’ itself showed a new side to Sander van Dijck, in which he named the genre of the album as ‘post-edm’, allowing him to be more vulnerable through lyrics and beautiful melodies and it went down a huge hit with his dedicated fanbase and producers alike. Changing the electronic scene, ‘album1’ is still as popular as ever even over a year after it’s release and to celebrate that he has unveiled a very special remix album.

Titled ‘album1 (a lot of remixes)’, it almost feels like a family affair with artists that have personal connections to Sander himself or his imprint, Bitbird, and each featured artist was chosen carefully. This is a project that has been in the works for a while now, with Sander frequently playing a few of these remixes out in his sets all over the world for at least a year now and they have finally culminated into one 15-track album.

Aiobahn and Laxcity open up the album with their renditions of ‘Everything Matters (When It Comes to You)’ and each take on a different, yet beautiful, approach. Aiobahn injects the energy into his remix with a drop that has already become a fan favourite whereas Laxcity slows it down with delicate and stunning sounds that combine natural bird sounds with carefully constructed man-made beats.

Moving onto ‘Lift Me From the Ground’ – which features Sofie Winterson – Jaron and Manila Killa had the pleasure of putting on their own spin. Jaron’s remix has actually been anticipated for a long time within the fanbase, with San Holo himself playing it as a staple part of his sets for quite a while now. The uplifting vibes felt in his remix are super strong and evident whereas Manila Killa takes his signature sound and injects it to fit in with the world of album1, and it works perfectly.

There’s a wide variety of genres in this album – and it even includes Hardstyle thanks to Atmozfears – and hugely talented artists that deserve the spotlight (such as FlawsFormer Hero and Golden Vessel just to name a few). San Holo and all the artists on ‘album1 (a lot of remixes) have done a phenomenal job of choosing sounds that showcase the ‘album1’ world in an entirely new light.

Listen to the full album below!

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