Spinnin’ Records succesfully appeals in Martin Garrix Case

In 2017, Martin Garrix won a lawsuit against Spinnin’ Records as well as his former management company, Music All-Stars (MAS), concerning the rights of the music he produced and that those were lying with Spinnin’ Records rather than himself. Martin Garrix had announced in 2015, on Facebook, that he would split from the label as well as the management company citing irreparable damage due to actions on the part of Eelko Van Kooten, who the owned both, Spinnin’ and MAS. Today the Higher Court in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands ruled in favor of Spinnin’ Records and MAS’ appeal that he did not live up to the requirements of his agreement. Read the full statement below that was released:

‘Today the Higher Court in Leeuwarden ruled on appeal that Martin Garrix (Martijn Garritsen) had no legal right to break his agreements prematurely with Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllStars Management.
The ruling confirms that the production- and management agreements with Martin Garrix were established correctly and properly complied with, by Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllStars Management. The accusation by Garrix that agreements were unreasonable has also been rejected: “It can be concluded that Martin Garrix was not falsely led into agreements in 2012 en 2013” the Higher Court said. According to the Higher Court, the agreements expired in mid-2015 and not before.”
In this long-running case, the Higher Court ruled in favor of the dance label and management company, which at the time were run by Eelko van Kooten, and confirms that Garrix was unwilling to live up to his agreements.’

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