Spotify Wrapped 2019 is officially coming this week

We’re seeing the end of yet another year as we head into the final month of December. This month is a great one to relive the past 12 months and look back upon all of our achievements and what we’ve been obsessed with in the music world this year. Before we head into 2020, we can’t leave 2019 behind without getting our stats from the hugely popular¬†Spotify¬†feature ‘Spotify Wrapped’.

Definitely one of the biggest highlights for all digital music listeners, it is also a genius marketing campaign for the service itself. You’ll frequently see funny billboards popping up all over the world to tie in with the Wrapped feature and it’s a clever way for them to further reach their demographic not just in a digital way.

It gives you your top five artists, top five songs, top genres and minutes spent listening to music all compiled into one fun graphic to share on social media along with a specially curated playlist of your top 100 tracks of the year. What started as a nice way for users to look back upon their data has turned into one of the biggest – if not the biggest – events of the digital streaming world and is a true testament to the power that Spotify have as a company overall.

Not only do their regular users get to take part in this, but it also gets artists involved too though this is slightly different as it gives them their stats on how many total streams they have had, how many fans have listened, in how many countries and and for how many hours. It also gives them fun facts that are compiled with their data. Getting all of their users involved, it’s no wonder why this has become such a massive scale event.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 will officially roll out on December 6 so get ready! Do you have any predictions on who your top artists and tracks will be?

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