The Chainsmokers set to executive produce TV show

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, also known as The Chainsmokers, are in the works to break into the television world. The Grammy-winning duo are set to executive produce a television show called ‘Demo’. The series is currently in development on the Freeform channel. 

The show will be about a musician in her 20’s who leaves her life behind and in order to start fresh. She leaves her working-class family and the indie-rock band she is currently a part of in order to head on her own venture. She wants to head to Los Angeles in order to start writing her own pop songs and attempt to carve her own path there. She soon discovers that as eager as she is to put her past behind her, the best songs tell the deepest truths. This is a feeling most can relate to. But she must find the strength to go into her past and tell her story.

The series will have some veteran help on its side. Screenwriter, Joy Gregory, whose works include Madam Secretary, Switched at Birth, and Jericho will write the television series. Having Gregory involved with the series will help ensure the shows success. Gregory, Pall and Taggart executive produce with Kick the Habit’s Dan Marcus and Adam Alpert and Stampede’s Greg Silverman, Paul Shapiro and Cara Fano. Gregory is repped by Schachter Entertainment. The Chainsmokers are repped by CAA.

The Chainsmokers have not set any official release date so we will keep you updated on that. They are currently touring and recently released another new track. This will only add to their already prolific profile. Think this is a good move for The Chainsmokers? Give us your thoughts.