Tomorrowland announce ‘The Reflection of Love’ theme for 2020 edition

Its been nearly a week since Tomorrowland went all black on their social media and replaced the website with a simple black screen, leaving fans trying to figure out what this would mean. As they’re usually announcing the theme and some information about the summer edition before the new year, this would be a plausible assumption that all of these are true teases towards next year’s edition.

Throughout the week, Tomorrowland had been changing the source code of the website to include various coordinates as well as scientific and space-related annotations. First, they added ‘Light travels faster than sound – 299 792 458 m/s’, second, they replaced it with ‘Caelis – 103.866986 – 13.412469’, and third, changing this yet again to ‘Helios – 51.178882 – 1.826215’ when finally redirecting their website to a new subdomain and replacing the black website has with a flare that is running down a spiral formed line, almost like a countdown counting down from 1440 towards 0 and the zodiac circle around it.

These clues have been heavily discussed on r/Tomorrowland and other social media channels and the most common consensus is outlined below:

  •  ‘299 792 458 m/s’: The first number which is the exact speed of light in a vacuum, matches the latitude of The Great Pyramid of Giza, depending on the theory you’re base it on.
    • Additionally, distance in space is measured in light-years, the amount of time light needs to travel a certain distance.
  • ‘103.866986 – 13.412469’ & ‘Caelis’: The second coordinates will lead you to ‘Angkor Wat‘, the largest known religious monument in the world and Caelis is a form of the Latin word ‘sky’ (or a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona).
  • ‘51.178882 – 1.826215’ & ‘Helios’: The third ones will bring up to the location of Stonehenge on a map and Helios, based on ancient greek, is the god and personification of the sun or simply sun in Latin.
  • tglnahqgaxmgysb3yxzligfuzcbhihbhcnrpy2xl: Tomorrowland has changed the subdomain of its website to this base64 encoded message. This might look like gibberish for a lot of people but with a little bit of formatting to ‘TGlnaHQgaXMgYSB3YXZlIGFuZCBhIHBhcnRpY2xl’, this says Light is a wave and a particle which yet again leads us to the wave-particular duality, a concept in quantum mechanics.

However, just recently, Tomorrowland put all these rumours to rest with a single tweet;

“An unexpected darkness fell over the People of Tomorrow. Today, the moment has come to introduce light into our world: The Reflection of Love.”

Announcing the festival’s theme as “The Reflection of Love”, fans are beginning to imagine what visual wonders the team are working up, while conspiracy theorists and those attempting to guess the theme are left surprised. In addition to this, pre-registration for next year’s edition has also been announced, starting this Saturday at 5pm CET. For more information, see the tweet below!

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