Ultra’s home Bayfront Park is getting fully refurbished

Little did we know that after Ultra Music Festival announced their return to the iconic Bayfront Park to celebrate the upcoming 2020 edition, we would also receive the news that the sacred venue will be getting a complete makeover of its facilities.

Although Bayfront Park is a place venerated by many and a must-go for any electronic music festival goer, it is not the most environmentally friendly venue. To sort that out, this summer Ultra shared the amazing news that they would be starting their own eco-friendly campaign named Mission: Home, to take part in stopping climate change. With that goal in mind, they would not only be implementing new initiatives in Miami but also they’d be turning all of their other events around the world into more eco-friendly festivals with actions like no trace policies or general reductions of the plastics used on-site. However, they haven’t stopped here and have wanted to contribute more by being involved supporting major moves.

The local Florida TV station CBS Miami, has informed that the company Florida Power & Light partnered with Bayfront Trust Management and the city of Miami to set up over 500 solar panels into Bayfront Park, home of the charismatic Ultra Music Festival. Considering the amazing weather conditions Miami possesses and the amount of hours the sun shines, this will be enough to power a great part of the festivals, which translates into a great energy saving. But this is not only the positive thing this refurbishment has to offer, this will also serve as a research test for new solar technologies that could be advancing in the coming years and hopefully one day be able to make Ultra run fully by solar energies. Finally, there will also be a glamorous canopy structure of trees planted throughout to complete this incredible makeover.

Although, it is still uncertain when this will be finished, by the look of things, it might be earlier than we imagine.

Read the announcement here



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