Viberate presents a list of the best budget-friendly festivals

Viberate, the global music network, that gives artists opportunities to showcase and promote their work to the right people, dug deep into the numbers of the world’s best festivals and calculated where festival-goers can get the best lineups without having to spend their entire life’s savings on tickets. Visiting festivals is getting more and more expensive nowadays, however, it is still pretty cheap compared to regular concerts, considering the number of artists on the lineup.

Viberate analyzed the most popular festivals around the world to see which provide the best musical experience for your money. The ones that made the list essentially charges fans less than 1€ per artist. Taking a look at festivals all around the world, European festivals have proven to be friendlier to your wallet than others, especially if you manage to secure the Early Bird tickets. Sziget, Tomorrowland, Primavera Sound, Untold Festival, Exit and Mysteryland all secured their spot on the list. If you buy the cheapest 7-day ticket for Sziget (Hungary), home of more than 400 artists, which will cost you somewhere around 289€, you will be paying 0.7€ per artist. Exit (Serbia), hosting over 500 artists, with early bird tickets for only 110€, making you pay 0.3€ per performance, is the festival with the best value for your money.

Ticket prices

On the picture above you can see approximately how much the regular early bird tickets for each of the festivals included in the research will cost you. Most of the festivals last for three to four days, the only exception being Sziget, which lasts the entire week. The festivals also offer a colourful palette of different genres on their lineups. Primavera Sound and Sziget are probably the most diverse, housing everything from Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and of course the many subgenres of Electronic music.

After the early bird ticket sale period is over, you will be, of course, paying more for the tickets. At Primavera Sound, which takes place in Barcelona in June, fans will pay around 180€ for the regular ticket. For your ticket to the Island of Freedom at Sziget in August, you will be adding around 50€. For Mysteryland, which opens its gates of the Electronic music paradise, located near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in August, fans will be paying additional 30€. For Tomorrowland, with its magical lineup, with more than 678 artists spread over the two weekends, you’re likely to miss out on tickets if you miss one of the dates for the sale. The festival’s tickets always sell out in less than an hour and pre-registration is crucial. When buying tickets always be careful and buy them from a reliable source, ideally through the official channel of the festival.

Food and drinks are also a very important part of the festival, since you need the energy to be able to dance the night away. In the South and Southeast of Europe, the prices of food and drinks are pretty affordable, for instance, at Exit you can order a decent meal for about 8€, in comparison to Tomorrowland where this would get you a slice of pizza or some fries. And what about one of the most popular drinks of the festival season – beer? Viberate calculated that as well:

Beer index

The picture above shows how many bottles of beer can you get at a festival for 6€. The prices and the amount you get per serving may vary depending on the brand, so analysts took the average cost per 0.5l into account.

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