Arty delivers fresh progressive anthem ‘You’re Not Alone’

As his second official release of 2020, Arty has unleashed a sparkling progressive anthem in “You’re Not Alone” alongside Griff Clawson.

When it comes to progressive house, there are hardly any better than the Russian prodigy Arty, and he is back in emphatic style with an original sure to have you singing your heart out. Combining the glorious vocals of Griff Clawson with the sumptuous progressive melodies typical of the 30-year-old producer, they have worked tirelessly to craft the most uplifting track. Driving through powerful guitar and piano top-lines, the sense of euphoria spills over as it reaches its overwhelming drop. “You’re Not Alone” is almost inspirational in some ways, with the lyrics telling you to push through dark times you may encounter and reminding you that you are never alone in life and its struggles.

Expect to hear this one regularly over the coming months as Arty tours the US visiting Houston later on this month. He has had a strong start to the year and the decade as this release follows up his incredible remix of Max Styler’s infectious track “Let Me Take You There” featuring Laura White.

Check out Arty and Griff Clawson in their stunning new single “You’re Not Alone” below!


Image Credit: Easton Schirra / Provided by Armada PR

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