Avicii’s unreleased hit ‘Forever Yours’ may now be released, thanks to Kygo

If the Avicii Tribute Concert wasn’t emotional enough, a potential release of one of his most loved unreleased hits, ‘Forever Yours’, with finishing touches completed by Kygo, might just bring a tear to your eye.

Earlier this month at the Avicii Tribute Concert, Kygo finished his set with an emotional tribute to his friend and inspiration, Avicii. After a heartfelt speech he welcomed fellow Avicii collaborator Sandro Cavazza, who has previously worked with Avicii on tracks such as ‘Gonna Love Ya’, ‘Sunset Jesus’, and ‘Without You’, to the stage to help perform one of the most anticipated, and undoubtedly loved, unreleased Avicii songs, ‘Forever Yours’.

As Sandro entered the stage, he addressed the crowd saying:

“So this [is a] song, a song that I was working on with Tim, but never got to finish. So for tonight, for this very night, me and [Kygo] put it together for you guys. It’s called Forever Yours.”

As the beautiful guitar melody filled the stadium, so too did the roar of the fans. The track featured everything we all loved about the original, the touching lyrics, catchy guitar, and infectious drop, intertwined with Kygo’s signature vocal chops.

Now Avicii fans all over the world can rejoice as a studio version of the track has surfaced online, reigniting hopes for a potential release in the future. Whilst sounding a bit more relaxed than the festival versions that have previously graced our ears, seeming to be more influenced by the Avicii sound of ‘Avīci (01)’ and ‘Tim’, it maintains Avicii’s unique style that we have come to know and love.

Whilst there is no official date yet, this gives us a glimmer of hope that one day we may be able to get our hands on this masterpiece, and dare we dream of other unreleased Avicii tracks.

Listen to ‘Forever Yours (Kygo Edit)’ here


Image Credit: Frankie on Unsplash

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