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Boris Brejcha drops eagerly-awaited masterpiece album ‘Space Diver’: Listen

After teasing his fans with quite a few ID’s over the past few months, the German DJ and music producer Boris Brejcha has finally unveiled his new album ‘Space Diver.’  This announcement is set to delight the techno lovers yet another time this month after it was revealed last week that Brejcha will play EDC Las Vegas in May.

Popularly known for sticking to his own tracks during live sets, Boris Brejcha had been playing music from this album for a long time across various parts of the world. Now that it has finally been released on Ultra Music, get ready for a stellar journey that these featured tracks have to offer.

Starting off the album, we have ‘Gravity’ which really describes lots of Brejcha’s characteristics as a Techno and “High Tech Minimal” producer. It happens to be the longest amongst 11 other tracks. On further exploration, we find some illusionary tracks like ‘To the Moon and Back’ and ‘Happinezz’ with high energy and faster tempo.

The journey to the cosmos comes to an end with the last track titled ‘Game Over’. It’s a kind of production that is bound to go well on a dance floor as well as in a videogame. Space Diver from Brejcha has certainly been the best thing that has happened to techno lovers so far in 2020.

Check out the full album here –


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