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Burning Man reveals Temple and artists

One thing to know about Burning Man is that it is not a festival, but rather a temporary city. Heavily focusing on the theme of self-expression through artistic art pieces and art cars (with DJs like Flume and Carl Cox regularly appearing), the Black Rock Desert plays host to this city for nine days of the year in August and September and after it, it’s like it was never there at all. Like many events and festivals, Burning Man has a theme for each edition of their event and the 2020 theme is the “Multiverse”. All about exploring infinite realities and possibilities and a chance to encounter your alternate self on a different decision-path (as said in an official statement by the organizers), it has been well thought out and now they have announced their Temple and the artists that will create it.

Officially named “Empyrean”, this beautifully designed and well thought out Temple is a geometric eight-pointed star shape designed by Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck and Sylvia Adrienne Lisse. The pair met and bonded over the 2019 Temple, and got inspiration to think of their own temple project together.

One of the biggest things about the design each year is that it is always extremely interactive and this year’s will be no different. Flag poles that will be integrated will allow the citizens of the temporary city to write whatever they wish to on them and then pulley them to the top to be carried by the wind. In addition to this, the walls of the space will have dedicated placing for people to place ‘offerings’ within it.

“Empyrean was chosen for its lovely geometry and inclusive design, as well as for its strong leads and crew who have demonstrated the experience, integrity and feasibility necessary to create this unique space. We can’t wait to see their vision come to life!” Katie Hazard via Burning Man website

To see a computer rendering of the design in full, watch the video below and click here for extra information.


Image Credit: Adam Hornyak on Unsplash

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