Mysterious producer CAB 3 returns with newest single titled ‘Never Let You In’

CAB 3 – also known by his lengthier name Caesar Augustvs Bassus III – is a producer with a lot of mystery surrounding him. We know that artists who seem to hide their identity get a lot of interest and it’s something that can work extremely well, and this is proving to be the case with this enigmatic artist. His varied background allows him to pull inspiration from multiple different sources and mix them together to create something totally unique and fresh, something that is always a breath of fresh air to avid music listeners today. His release ‘Circles’ marked the start of this CAB 3 journey just last year and he managed to impress a crowd of electronic music fans who have stuck around to see where this exciting journey would take him, and it’s now brought him to another new release titled Never Let You In.

Starting 2020 in the best way possible, the track is a clear nod to his influences (with the likes of deadmau5 and analog synth sounds of iconic duo Daft Punk) but it’s undeniably original. The familiar vocals work great with the unique sounds that CAB 3 has pulled from his genius mind, and overall it’s a standout production.

When you listen to his productions, they have all the quality and stylings of a producer that has been in the game for years and years, proving that just because he’s a newcomer doesn’t mean he’s to be underestimated in any sense. Comparing his first release to this one, it shows that his talents are not defined by just one singular genre and he can use his influences and personal knowledge to transcend the boundaries of genre. We can’t wait to see what comes next from this talented star, but for now you can stream ‘Never Let You In’ below.


Image Credit: CAB 3


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