Pedro Carrilho & Dennis Cartier

Diddy feat. Skylar Grey – Coming Home (Pedro Carrilho & Dennis Cartier Reboot)

Hailing from Belgium, Dennis Cartier is a true superstar. Putting out music on some massive labels such as Armada, Dharma Worldwide, Spinnin’ Records, Black Lizard and many more, the big leagues recognize his star potential. Playing all over Europe, India and Morocco, one of his turning points was his performance at arguably the biggest electronic music festival in the world – Tomorrowland. With all this happening in his career lately, we’re sure it won’t be long until he breaks out to the mainstream and becomes even more popular. Another artist just as popular as Cartier is Pedro Carrilho. Releasing on such imprints like Defected and Ultra. his remix of Jonas Blue’s ‘Fast Car’ made it’s rounds across the most popular electronic festivals in the world and it only shot him further into the limelight. Proving he has what it takes, he is teaming up with Dennis Cartier for a monster reboot. This isn’t the first time these two have teamed up together either, with the track Jungle Queen‘ seeing them also collaborate with Patrick Moreno and getting a hit release on KSHMR-owned label Dharma Worldwide.

For their next endeavor together, they’re taking on Diddy and Skylar Grey’s ‘Coming Home’ for a reboot of epic proportions on a track that is already extremely well known. Turning it entirely on its head, this has breathed a new life into the track and is simply refreshing to listen to. Maintaining aspects of the emotion that was injected into the vocals on the original, it is blended with a high-energy drop full of punching beats. Showing other artists how reboots are done expertly, Pedro Carrilho and Dennis Cartier have nailed this production as they always do.

Listen to Pedro Carrilho and Dennis Cartier showcase their incredible skill sets on this epic reboot right now!


Image Credit: Pendro Carriho (Press), Dennis Cartier (Press)

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