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Dirty South drops sublime remix of Lane 8’s anthemic ‘Road’: Listen

Few producers manage to remain at their absolute peak for years on end. Often they will venture into new sounds, but either not satisfy the fans – who want the ‘old sound’ back – or retain the quality. Dirty South is one of the exceptions. The progressive mastermind has explored many realms of the house and prog world, with his name built upon tracks like ‘City of Dreams‘ and ‘Walking Along‘, but now he utilises his monstrous studio to go darker and deeper than ever. His latest track comes as a remix for melodic maestro Lane 8, with Dirty South bringing a deep progressive to the track ‘Road‘ from Lane 8’s latest album.

The original for this track only dropped a couple of weeks ago on Brightest Lights, Lane 8’s newest album, however the American quickly enrolled Dirty South on remix duties, alongside This Never Happened label favourite Jerro. ‘Road‘ is already packed with your typical Lane 8-esque magic, but DS has taken it up to a new level. Pulsating synths and a deeper driving sound backs this fresh version, as the 41 year old puts his spin on the release. Keeping the vocals largely intact and following a similar pattern to the original, the overall track structure captures Lane 8’s blissful melodies and builds them into a more club friendly track. DS – real name Dragan Roganović – is a master of production, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this remix is nothing short of remarkable. Paired with the equally incredible Jerro remix, who goes down a more typical This Never Happened sound to work the track into his own style, the remix EP is of an extremely high standard.

Check out the Dirty South remix of Lane 8’s impeccable track ‘Road‘ below.


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