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Don Diablo launches new label called ‘FUTURE’

The success of the Don Diablo ran imprint HEXAGON has been undeniable. Growing into a movement of its own since starting up in 2015, it has signed and released music by some massive artists and has became one of the leading labels in the electronic industry. It’s grown so big, im fact, that 1001tracklists named it the third biggest label behind Spinnin’ Records and Musical Freedom Records.

In massive news that was announced not long ago by the Don himself, the HEXAGON brand is expanding in a big way with the announcement of a brand new label that will work alongside the existing one. Suitably named FUTURE, it will focus on other aspects of the electronic music scene that HEXAGON doesn’t usually touch base on.

As explained in an Instagram video, FUTURE is all about the style of music that hits you in the heart and goes much further than the dancefloor to create emotional bonds between the melodies and the listeners. Allowing Don Diablo and his team to focus on heartfelt tunes and give them their own platform to shine without having to be mixed in with the party-starting type of music that HEXAGON loves to show to the world, it will give yet another platform to up-and-coming producers to get the start that they deserve. This is also why the original imprint was started, as Don recognises how hard it can be to get into the industry as a new artist.

To start FUTURE off, the first release is already out and it’s a beautiful one titled ‘Halycon’ by Danny Olson Henry Hartley. Both newcomers to the scene that are rising in popularity, this release will give them the boost they need to show their talents to potential fans all around the world. You can listen to it by clicking here.


Image Credit: Don Diablo (Press)

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