Eric Prydz at Ultra Australia

Eric Prydz blows minds with HOLO NYC performance

Since the first time Eric Prydz played his HOLO show, fans have been asking and asking to bring HOLO to the United States, as shows were limited to Europe only. Last weekend, Eric Prydz finally debuted his HOLO show in the New York Expo Center in New York City, USA.

The Swedish producer did not only play one, but three shows in total as the demand for tickets was so high with all shows being sold out weeks before the event, which is not unusual since he introduced his concept shows like V O I D and the EPIC series. With these shows, Eric keeps pushing boundaries to what is possible using various different lightning structures and visuals.

With additional shows, Eric also brought new mind-blowing visuals leaving fans speechless in combination with the finest tracks from his personal catalogue over the three shows, like ‘Every Day’, ‘Mirage’, ‘Opus’ and ‘Lillo’ as well as ‘Diamond Girl’ amongst many other ID’s old and new.

Luckily for those that were not able to attend, someone recorded the Saturday show and uploaded it on YouTube to rewatch for everyone and get a glimpse of the overall experience. As there are no further HOLO shows scheduled as of now, check it below and let us know what you think.


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