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Eric Prydz hints towards new Cirez D material with Acki Kokotos

Eric Prydz fans will be all too familiar with one of his moniker’s, Cirez D. Regularly performing b2b sets with Adam Beyer under this name, his techno fans instantly flocked to him and made him a massive hit alongside the other Pryda alias. A man of many talents, Prydz has managed to find the perfect balance between maintaining all three monikers and keeping fans happy at the same time and now there’s something more for Cirez D fans to be excited over.

Following the Adam Beyer and Cirez D exclusive Ultra Miami performance announcement (alongside an Eric Prydz set) towards the end of last year, he took to his Twitter on January 6 to announce that new Cirez D music was cooking with collaborator Acki Kokotos.

“Cirez D & Acki Kokotos release is cooking…. Ella! – Eric Prydz via Twitter

Now, the pair have worked together before all the way back in 2011 on the iconic tracks ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Sirtos Madness’ but since then there has been no other activity or releases on Acki Kokotos’ end. A ton of mystery surrounds this producer, as this latest announcement is the only thing that Acki Kokotos has been up to (or so we can tell, at least) save for a few Facebook posts from 2017, tweets from 2012 and semi-regular Instagram posts. Hopefully this new track gives us more information regarding the artist and allows us to get to know him better.

No release date, track title or anything else has been made public yet but with Prydz loving to play an abundance of ID’s in his sets, we could guess that it could possibly be one of those. Until more information is made public, all we can do is keep guessing and speculating! Keep an eye on our socials and website for more news as it happens.


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