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Galantis & Charli XCX remix Super Mario theme for Universal Studios Japan

Taking on one of the most recognisable theme tunes ever, Galantis and Charli XCX have teamed up to remix the Super Mario theme tune for Universal Studios Japan. It comes as part of a new teaser trailer for Super Mario World, an area opening at Universal Studios in Japan ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in June.

The remix, named “We Are Born To Play”, is full of nostalgic Nintendo surprises, cleverly manipulating the 1985 Koji Konodo classic theme tune, adding in some iconic Mario soundbites alongside Charli’s spirited vocals. It also has every ingredient of a vibrant Galantis track, with a punchy combination of drums and piano, driving through the fun of the new theme park area.

Charli XCX makes a special appearance in the video which gives an insight into what to expect at Super Mario World. It also reveals a new smart watch which Nintendo will introduce that integrates real life activity with exciting new mobile game play.

All in all, Galantis & Charli XCX seem the right fit for the antics of the trailer, providing the energy that will inspire many to visit throughout 2020 and beyond. Be sure to check out the collaboration “We Are Born To Play”, in the Super Mario World Japan video below!


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