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Hardwell’s iconic hit ‘Spaceman’ turns 8 years old

Let us take you back in time, to 2012 when Hardwell paved his way to the highway of success with releasing ‘Spaceman’ exactly 8 years ago. We can safely say that this single became his identity, it grew with him through the several remixes and performances he played it at, and it took his career to another level.

The Dutch DJ’s talent and passion has always been indisputable. By 2012, Hardwell was already considered a rising star in the electronic music scene, after dropping the likes of ‘Cobra’ and collaborating withTiësto on ‘Zero 76′. He also founded his own record label, Revealed Recordings, in 2010 with the aim of support young talented artists. However, the absolute breakthrough that made him world-famous was thanks to ‘Spaceman’ and on top of that, creating a vocal version of the song ‘Call Me A Spaceman’ featuring Mitch Crown. The different versions, remixes, and mash-ups of the song were extensively played at clubs and festivals all around the world for years, leaving little to no one without the catchy tune, stuck in their head.

What happened since Hardwell’s Spaceship took off? In a nutshell, he became one of the leading figures of the big room genre, was crowned as the youngest #1 DJ of the world by DJ Mag in 2013 (and managed to stay in the Top 4 for six consecutive years), headlined all of the biggest festivals including Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival. He is the proud owner of several iconic EDM tracks and collaborations. Throughout the years he also experienced with different styles of music such as hardstyle, future bass, progressive and trap. As a host of his weekly radio show, Hardwell On Air, he presents the freshest promising productions in a one-hour set, every Friday. Recently, the podcast celebrated its 9th years anniversary and the 450th episode.

September 2018 was a turning point in one of the hardest working DJ’s life: Hardwell announced via his Instagram, that he takes a step back from the DJ-life and focuses on being “just him”, Robbert van de Corput. It has allowed him to put his health, his family and his friends as first priority and to have fun in the studio playing around making music with no pressure or expectation. However, he doesn’t let his loyal fans down and constantly surprising us with new releases. His latest announcement is the release of the album collecting his all-time classics. It will see the light of day on 31st January wearing the name “The Story Of Hardwell”. He is giving insightful hints on his twitter account what will be featured on the album, but the good news is: ‘Spacemen’ is already confirmed!

So save the date, because who doesn’t love an all-time favorites collection? But until then, let us take you back in time and enjoy the powerful melodies of ‘Spaceman’!


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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