HEU – Lost In You (feat. Kristina Antuna)

Coming from humble beginnings in Vietnam, HEU is a DJ with a difference. With a mission to get his signature sound out to the masses, his productions have reached the clubs and playlists with thousands of listeners, and world domination is within his reach and closer than ever. His hard work in the studio is paying off bit by bit, and he’s becoming a name in the industry that more and more people are starting to hear of. His talents have brought him to creating and perfection the melodic fusion of genres that he’s come to use to his advantage to drive his releases forward.

Speaking of releases, he has a new one and it’s called ‘Lost In You’. Featuring the stylistic vocal talents of Kristina Antuna, these two artists are an explosive fusion of pure talent and their track proves that. It’s fun, emotional and euphoric and with those powerful combinations of emotions, it’s exploded onto the scene and into our hearts in a massive way. The progressive beats lead us up to a drop that gives us all the bouncing danceability we need, and the vocals slot comfortably into the world that ‘Lost In You’ has made. Creating a stellar production, HEU and Kristina Antuna are firing on all cylinders.

When you listen to all the tracks this young artist has put out into the world so far, it’s hard not to listen with a big fat grin on your face. The uplifting synths that are embedded into the heart of the productions just make you want to listen to more and more that he has to offer, and 2020 will prove that he has a lot more where that comes from. Keep an eye on him and follow his Facebook page here, and listen to the track on Spotify below.


Image Credit: HEU (Press)

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