EDC Las Vegas 2017

Insomniac is looking for performers for 2020 edition of EDC Las Vegas

One of Insomniac’s greatest features in its festival events are unarguably the performers. Each year, they bring an extra layer of fun and interaction for the festivals and their attendees. Whether they are walking around the grounds, dancing on stage or everything else in between, they do it to a professional degree and wow ravers all around. The best part is, all their performers are hired from auditions that everyone can participate in and now Insomniac have just shared the details about auditions for EDC Las Vegas once again.

Taking place in Los Angeles, auditions will be held on March 28 at the iconic nightclub Exchange LA. This is the fifth annual tryout auditions, and it is a brilliant idea to bring budding performers together for massive opportunities that aren’t always available. The audition process starts at 1 pm, but around 12 pm is when hopefuls will fill out their performer applications.

If this is something you want to try your luck at, then you must bring a portfolio of pictures of yourself (headshots etc). As for the dress code, fitted clothing for men and women with low-rise dance shorts and crop tops for females is required along with wedges, platforms or boots and hair and makeup done.

“The number one thing I see that goes wrong is that people lose their confidence. I know it can be a lot of pressure leading up to the moment, but you have to believe in yourself and be comfortable while you’re auditioning, because it really shows. People really speed up, but I think in my mind, “Just slow it down; it’s going to be okay.”” MsEasy, Insomniac Entertainment Director

For more information, check the flyer below and also be sure to read the in-depth interview with MsEasy on the Insomniac website here.



Image Credit: Andre Benz on Unsplash

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