Kryder – K2 (Henry Carlin & Tony Calrya Bootleg)

Kryder has no doubt proven himself to be one of the most talented and successful DJs from the UK. Over the years he has built an impressive catalogue of releases which have been played on all the biggest stages and accumulated millions of streams. A track many might have forgotten is the 2011 classic ‘K2’, which came out on Tiësto‘s Musical Freedom label and made waves across the dance music scene as an, at the time, unknown Kryder kickstarted his career to the top. Irish DJ and producer Henry Carlin has just teamed up with Tony Calrya to release a fresh new bootleg of the classic tune. Maintaining the original melody which made ‘K2’ great whilst switching the vibe completely to a deeper, 2020 sound. This bootleg is perfect for beach parties or for just listening to, as the infectious melody is carried by the excellent steel drum sounds selected by Herny Carlin and Tony Calrya.

The two producers build on the successful and unique sound Tony Calyra debuted last year in his ‘Beach Vibe’ bootleg of Drake’s ‘Light Up’. This is also not the first time Herny Carlin has taken on the responsibility of reworking a classic with incredible results. As just over a month ago he decided to end 2019 by releasing a stellar remix of DJ Falcon and Thomas Bangalter‘s ‘Together‘.

With the two boasting releases on some major labels like Universal, Armada, Staar Traxx and Zensa there is no doubt they are two names you should keep an eye out for. As their undeniable talent for creating unique and catchy sounds combined with the impeccable quality of their music is bound to make them a household name in the electronic dance music world.

Be sure to follow both Henry Carlin and Tony Calyra on their social media to keep up to date with their upcoming releases and show announcements. You can stream and download their bootleg of Kryder – K2 for free via the SoundCloud link below.


Image Credit: Kryder (Press)

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