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Lane 8 releases latest single ‘Just’ ahead of LP ‘Brightest Lights’

Lane 8 (Daniel Goldstein) has kicked the decade off by releasing the final single of his highly anticipated LP “Brightest Lights” on his label This Never Happened, which is set to release January 10th, 2020. Goldstein has released five other singles ahead of his LP, which include features from POLIÇA, Arctic Lake, and Jens Kuross with a few others that will be released along with the album, and ‘Just‘ gives you the final taste of what to expect from the melodic mastermind. 

The San Francisco native takes the listener on a nearly five minute euphoric adventure in ‘Just’ with his use of a beautiful vocal loop circled around a main arpeggiated synth lead and an occasional pumping pad in the background to build this track up and break it back down. Lane 8 paints this song’s landscape so wonderfully, you might find yourself restarting the song before it’s even over.

Lane 8 is taking the start of a new decade by full force not only with his forthcoming album, but with a tour across North America and Europe beginning at the end of January. While we sit and anxiously await the arrival of “Brightest Lights”, we’ll be streaming “Just” in the meantime. Make sure you have a listen below and start 2020 off right, with some new Lane 8 music.


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