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Lane 8 reminds his fan base of a cellphone free show for ‘Brightest Lights’ Tour

Connecting with his fans on a personal level, Lane 8 recently released his euphoric album ‘Brightest Lights’ which features 14 tracks to instill listeners with the feeling of pure beauty and raw emotion. Throughout his career, Daniel Goldstein has always had a dream to provide his audience the chance to experience live music through human interactions and emotional connections. After announcing the ban of cell phones and any recording devices at his shows three years ago, Goldstein was enforcing the rule of taping everyone’s cell phones upon entry into the venue with a vision for humans to really just be humans and share a moment with each other. Gaining recognition globally, the imprint known as “This Never Happened” originated through the concept of providing attendees the chance to live the night through feelings which cannot be captured on our cellphones. This year, Lane 8 is once again reminding attendees joining him on his ‘Brightest Lights’ Tour to respect this concept and join him on a special experience he has crafted for his fan base. If fans can go home with memories they can look back on from this tour, it is much more significant than capturing an Instagram picture.

As humble as always, Lane 8 not only trusts his attendees will respect the rules over the world tour but is hoping his fans will cherish these moments forever. Almost anyone can relate to those shows where thousands of phones are in the air which not only obstruct attendees views but most important take you away from being fully present. Read what Lane 8 had to say below and let us know if you agree with him in the comments.

With a series of locations already sold out on his world tour, be sure to act quick on sharing this special moment with Lane 8 and purchase your tickets here.


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