Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix details 3 days in Tokyo

Just after the holiday break everyone, including DJs are, is slowly getting back into their busy daily lives and accomplishing their New Year’s resolution like moving into a different city, painting the living room, hitting the gym or starting a new job. Martin Garrix just released the latest episode of his ongoing documentary ‘The Martin Garrix Show’ where he goes into detail when he traveled to Tokyo, Japan for 3 days and what he was up to there.

The first part of the episode is about Martin performing at Fuji Rock Festival, an annual rock festival in the Niigata Prefecture mountains in Japan. Even with heavy rain throughout his performance, the energy seemed massive with the stage being super busy.

For the rest of the episode, Garrix is exploring Tokyo, taking some time for himself, together with his crew, eating out, singing karaoke (if you like Rick Astley‘s ‘Never gonna give you up’, do not miss this) and showing some of the beautiful places that Tokyo has to offer. It also shows that he is still wearing his orthopedic splint on his leg due to his accident at one of his shows in Las Vegas last year.

Additionally, he also hosted a fan meetup in Tokyo in the TeamLabs art exhibition, which at that moment focused on different light structures and is a really cool place to see!

The Martin Garrix Show is currently in season 4 and all episodes are available on his YouTube channel. Check it out below and follow his channel to be kept up to date with his travels around the world.


Image Credit: Louis van Baar


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