Moog Subsequent 25

Moog unveil new “Subsequent 25” synth with Flying Lotus

In collaboration with Flying Lotus, Moog have revealed their brand new “Subsequent 25” synth in a video announcement. The hardware, estimated to cost around $849, hits the marketplace to replace the gritty Sub Phatty machine.

Packing new features and changes into a 20-inch frame, Moog have tweaked the “Subsequent 25” so that it provides you with a more powerful sound, whether you are to use it on-stage or in the studio. As well as the 25 keys, Sub Phatty’s successor also features two oscillators along with a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. The oscillators can be altered depending how you want to play, with the option available to combine more than one different note at the same time. Other areas of the two-note polyphonic synth have also been adjusted, improving the overall saturation and compression of the equipment to provide a richer, low-end sound.

As part of the package, the “Subsequent 25” also comes with Moog’s free Editor Librarian software in which you can endlessly create your own uniques synths, or recall others’ to use.

For more information visit the Moog website as the analogue synth is now available to get your hands on.

See the video announcement for the “Subsequent 25″ below; created with the aid of Flying Lotus (score) and Julian House (videography), a graphic designer, famous for his artwork for acts such as the Prodigy and Oasis.

Image Credit: Moog


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