Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero releases ‘I See’ as part of upcoming Redefine EP

It’s a big week for Nicky Romero and his fans as he has finally dropped his highly anticipated track “I See”, the first from his upcoming Redefine EP.

Out now on Protocol Recordings, “I See” brings the very best out of Romero as he looks to develop a new sound into the decade. Taking inspiration from the sounds of David Guetta and Toby Green, the 31-year-old has transformed the melodic elements of his regular progressive sound to create something magnificent. Layering huge-sounding synths and infectious vocals over his groovy signature drum sound, Nicky is set to take festivals and clubs by storm with this emphatic new tune. “I See” has already proven a hit on the big stage, having received an immense reaction following his Avicii Tribute show in Stockholm last month.

As part of the Redefine campaign, the Dutchman also released 3-part documentary series in which he reflects on his past, the present and the future of his sound. In the “Future” episode, he takes you through some of the production process and techniques used in the project to create “I See”.

As for the rest of the Redefine EP, it surely can’t be far behind this outstanding first release that has left us craving more Nicky Romero magic! Make sure to check out “I See” from Nicky Romero in all its big-room glory below!


Image Credit: Kevin Anthony Canales



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