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Nicky Romero releasing first single of upcoming Redefine EP this Friday

Nicky Romero is set to drop the first single of his upcoming Redefine EP this Friday, following his hectic namesake tour in 2019.

His invigorating new track, to be named “I See”, signifies a key development in Romero’s musical imprint as he aims to create a revolutionary new sound. Inspired by the likes of Toby Green and David Guetta, the track will see him combine refreshing new, individualistic elements with some of the classic Romero sounds we have come to know and love over the years. The track is also to feature a mesmerising vocal lead from an unnamed artist, sure to having you singing at festivals and clubs alike.

You may already recognise “I See” from the preview belowas it has already seen some play-time during some of his recent shows, including his incredible performance at the Avicii Tribute show in Stockholm. It will undoubtedly pick up a lot of support from other DJ’s as Nicky plays it more regularly in his sets and out on Protocol Radio.

The full Redefine EP is surely set to arrive very soon after an intense year of promotion for Nicky Romero and the Protocol team. Along with the Redefine tour, they have been hard at work releasing Redefine merchandise before blessing us with a 3-part episodic documentary in which Romero talks about his past, the present and his very bright future! If you watch carefully, you may be able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the fundamentals and very creation of “I See”.

Be sure to pre-save “I See”, out on Protocol Recordings, before its releases on Friday!


Image Credit: Kevin Anthony Canales

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