Noisia create original soundtrack for Armajet

2020 marks the beginning of the end for legendary Drum & Bass trio Noisia. In September last year, the world learned the legendary Dutch group would call it quits in 2020 and alas, the year is here, however, it’ll undoubtedly be one to remember. Noisia have teamed up with the developers of videogame Armajet to create the game’s OST in a match made in heaven.

Having grown up as gamers themselves, the decision for Nik, Martijn, and Thijs to work on Armajet’s soundtrack was an easy one. With their early videogame influences deeply-rooted within the 90’s, combined with their music, the result would prove to be a wise decision, as The Ascent’, Decloak’, Hardskin’, Vaporized’, and Wallhack’ came to life in scintillating fashion.

Speaking on the connection between the music & gameplay, Nik from Noisia cited his emotional connection to the themes displayed in Armajet and its influence;

“…The match with our music was obvious. We didn’t have to work out much about what it needed to sound like… The music reflects these 90’s gamer kicks; seeking the maximum challenge, speed, reflexes, resolution, framerate, information density, eyes wide open from energy drinks, falling asleep on your keyboard at a LAN party. How fast can my brain go? How much can I take? What has now arguably become a chronic disease for everyone with a smartphone, back then it was the rush we were after. Nailing that impossible shock combo or headshot in a flow state, watching each other discover seemingly inhuman levels of mastery in a different reality. The digital frontier.”

Furthermore, Noisia are also set to embark on a gargantuan 2020 tour, where they’ll visit the U.K, the United States, Italy, The Netherlands, Croatia and many more. The trio kick off the year in red-hot form, where they’ll perform 12 shows within the first half of the year, before slowing down for the latter half of 2020. For more info on tour dates, see here.

Be sure to hear Noisia’s composition on the Armajet OST below and grab a copy here!

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