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REZZ teases upcoming collaboration with singer Grimes

Canadian producer Rezz has surprised her fanbase by teasing an upcoming collaboration with fellow compatriot singer Grimes. Although this comes as a great and unexpected surprise, the outcome promises to be one hell of a track.

After a closing a memorable & hectic year, Rezz is not giving herself a break and is already focusing on the projects for 2020 including that of which is yet to come with Grimes, which most will surely be as busy as 2019. The Ukraine-born artist reached some truly epic accomplishments throughout these past months including the release of the Beyond the Senses EP’, making her debut with a massive BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and dropped her own Virtual Reality listening party.

As for Grimes, the singer’s name has trascended the music scene due to her love relationship with the famous technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, however, her musical talents and unique voice go well beyond that and have conquered the entire music industry. The singer will be releasing her fifth studio album Miss Anthropocene’ which will most most-likely be featuring this upcoming track. In fact, the album already sees a collab with an electronic act; the techno maestro i_o with their track called Violence.

As Rezz did with Malaa some moths ago, the producer used her socials to tease a potential release. She went on sharing this revealing message on Twitter, in which she also praised the singer:

Grimes is one of my favourite artists right now. So glad to be doin some shit w/ her atm

Although the message does not assure anything, there is hope to be positive. Knowing the great talents of both artists and the admiration they have for each other, this might become a reality sooner than later. Only time will tell!

Check Rezz tweet down below:


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