Sky Burg Records

Sky Burg Records is the record label and management company you need to know about

Nowadays, a lot of resources are available for up-and-coming artists to get their proper start in the music industry thanks to the amount of record labels around right now. What can be hard though, is standing out from the crowd as a record label or music company that sets itself apart from any other existing company around right now but there’s one particular one that has surfaced that is already doing all of that and more. The company in question is the established Sky Burg Records. Doubling up as a music publishing imprint and also a full-service management company, they have been set up since 2013 but are looking to expand their roster of clients and music portfolios.

The founder, Herlen Suffrin (‘Freezzy Brickz’), graduated from Broward College in Florida with a degree in Music Technology and Copyright and is putting that knowledge to good use. Proving that he has the right background to properly establish this company in the ever-changing music industry, he is motivated and hardworking and hasn’t let any difficulties pull him off track from his goals.

Sky Burg Records has hosted the releases of artists like Nova LooseCanon who is a fan favourite and draws inspiration from the likes of 2Pac, Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg. His newest track ‘Baby’ is gaining momentum thanks to the platform that has been given to him by the label.

Sky Burg Records is constantly on the lookout for fresh talent so visit their website here and sign up for their emails and check out their social medias pages.


Image Credit: Sky Burg Records

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