Steve Angello at Ultra Mexico 2018

Steve Angello’s ‘Wild Youth’ album turns 4 years old

Back in January 2016, almost 2 years after Swedish House Mafia final show at Ultra Music Festival Miami and the end of their journey together, Steve Angello, one of the trio’s members, released his first studio album ‘Wild Youth’. One album defined by incredible unique sounds, pushing boundaries and exploring different vibes from the sound fans were used to produced by Swedish House Mafia and laying the foundation of what to expect by the man himself for the years to come.

Starting in 2014, Steve Angello released numerous tracks that eventually formed the whole tracklist of the album ‘Wild Youth’, starting with Wasted Love and Children of the Wild, tracks that he still played in his solo sets until the official reunion of Swedish House Mafia and are all-time favorites of his fans. Following these two, the next up was Remember, one of the most emotional tracks of the album that also played a big part in Swedish House Mafias Ultra Music Festival 2018 reunion as well as the trio’s shows in and after their Stockholm performances, which was underlined by visuals of three together back in the days. After the big three from Wild Youth have been released, there were three more tracks in 2015, Tiger, The Ocean and Prisoner released until the album with 7 additional tracks on it was finally available from January 22nd, 2016.

The album also referred to as ‘the soundtrack of his life’ by Steve Angello, is a reflection of his life and ‘based on a true story — honest, naked and the most exposed I’ve ever been.’. However, the most interesting part of the album may not be any of these tracks that are actually compositions, it might just be the very last track, with a simple name …. – it is a monologue about his childhood, the story behind the album and how some of the tracks are about his father. Take a trip down memory lane and re-listen to one of the most groundbreaking albums of 2016 and dip into the story of Steven Patrik Josefsson Fragogiannis, better known by his stage name Steve Angello.



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