Ultra Korea 2019

Ultra Korea confirmed to return to Seoul Olympic Stadium for 2020

Ultra Korea is one of the most successful branches of the Ultra Music Festival brand aside from their main spectacle in Miami. Taking place from June 20-21, this year’s edition will be their ninth edition since their inauguration in August 2012 and has to proved to be one of the biggest electronic events to take place in Seoul, if not the biggest. With over the top productions, designs and a star-studded lineup every year, Ultra proves that they can go to any corner of the world and have a successful event. Over the years they expanded the amount of stages to four, which meant they had more room for world class acts.

In the spirit of a new year and a new festival season on the horizon, Ultra Korea have announced they are returning to their iconic location of Seoul Olympic Stadium. Last year, they made the move to Everland Speedway (AMG Speedway) after seven previous editions at the Olympic Stadium and it wasn’t without some hiccups. Although it meant more space for the event itself, it was met with extremely heavy traffic congestion and 30-minute waits just to cross the street from the shuttle stop to the venue area.

Fans will be excited to see their beloved venue return, and we’re sure that it will create a better experience overall for the crew and for the excited attendees. In a trailer posted to the official Ultra Korea Twitter account, it shows footage from previous years at the Olympic Stadium and the production is truly off the charts. With fireworks being shot from the open roof of the stadium and much more, we can’t wait to see what this edition brings!

The lineup is not out yet, but tickets are available to grab here but hurry up as tier one has already sold out!


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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