WizG – My Young Love (feat. Sissy)

Ready to kick off his musical project with a bang for the new year, Josh Wizan who is behind the alias WizG is setting himself up for a very busy year. Following a steady stream of releases that never kept fans waiting or needing more in 2019, it looks like 2020 is going to be the same if not even bigger and better. The Los Angeles-based producer collaborates with the freshest up-and-coming talent, and his first track of 2020 titled ‘My Young Love’ is no different. Enlisting artist and songwriter Sissy, she brings a whole new level of depth and talent to the track. Usually working behind the scenes as a writer for other artists, this is her first track that sees her finally step into the light and have a feature of her own, and it appears we will get more from her with plans to release a single and an EP before the year is up.

Fans of artists such as Illenium and the genre surrounding his music will like this track. Bringing out all the emotions, Sissy writes and sings about all the things people think about but never want to say out loud, with honesty and pure raw emotion being a driving force for the lyrical choices. That, combined with the soulful WizG melodies, makes for a track that is simply an unstoppable force of nature with talent bursting from the seams.

If you’re not keeping an eye on both artists this year then you’re missing out as these two young talents are set to dominate their scene with bags of talent to offer to the industry.


Image Credit: WizG (Press)

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