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Afrojack returns to Spinnin’ Records with the single ‘All Night’

More than four years after parting ways with Spinnin’ records, the Dutch record producer and DJ Afrojack has finally made his way back home. It was earlier announced that the Grammy winner would be bringing his record label Wall Recordings back to Spinnin’. In the wake of this reveal, he has just released the single “All Night” with Ally Broke.

Coming up with two releases in 2019 on Wall’s former parent label Spinnin’, the single was highly anticipated for a long time. As a matter of fact, Afrojack had been playing out this track in a lot of his live acts. But the vocals by Ally Broke proved out to be an element of surprise for the listeners who were anxiously waiting for the single.

The announcement regarding “All Night” has hit the industry just a couple of days after Afrojack launched his techno alias Kapuchon. The fact that the Dutch producer will keep on working on his characteristic sounds rather than focusing solely on Techno serves as a piece of good news for his fans.

Prior to 2016, Wall Recordings served as a sub-label to Spinnin’ Records. Since then, they have gone from existing independently to being under Armada Recordings till 2019. On his return, Afrojack received a warm welcome from Spinnin’ on all of their platforms.

Speaking about his return, Afrojack said:

“It’s great to be back home at Spinnin’ Records doing what I love the most, making new music, and connecting with fans. For my new track, I wanted to work on something with an upbeat dance-pop feel to get people moving ready for the Spring and Summer. Ally is a phenomenal singer, her voice makes the track unique and really pop, it was cool to collaborate with her.”

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