Axmos – A Night Out

A young producer from the La Zintrie collective, Axmos wants the world to hear his music and what he has to offer. 2019 was a huge stepping stone in his career, and it’s only up from here. Enriching his sets with powerful bass house and dubstep sounds, he is a true energetic performer with a difference. Taking inspiration from multiple different genres and mixing them to create his own signature sound, he has a unique vision and won’t stop until it is heard by the masses, and it’s this determination that pushes his name forward in the scene today.

The multi-instrumentalist has just brought another fantastic track into the world recently, and it’s more than worth listening to. Titled ‘A Night Out’ it already has close to 10,000 streams on Spotify and over a thousand plays on SoundCloud, and it’s set to be big hit with his fans and the electronic scene as a whole. The track starts out with background chatter and gentle piano noises before it kicks off and brings us into a bass-fueled world that feels vibrant and fresh. It’s an uplifting tune that has hard-hitting moments, and strikes the perfect balance of being gentle yet also energetic, something that isn’t too easy to get right but Axmos has absolutely nailed it.

This unique artist is set to have a massive 2020, so keep us with his adventures by liking his Facebook page here and stream ‘A Night Out’ on Spotify below.


Image Credit: Axmos (Press)

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