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Calvin Harris releases two new tracks as Love Regenerator

Calvin Harris, Scottish superstar DJ and producer has been keeping himself extremely busy lately with his fresh alias Love Regenerator. Three weeks ago he shared the first Love Regenerator material with his fans, two old school, 90s inspired tracks, ‘CP-1’ and ‘Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)’. On Friday, just in time for Valentine’s day Calvin delivered a nice present for his fans, second EP of his new alias, which contains two techno/house crossover tracks called, ‘The Power Of Love II’ and ‘Regenerate Love’.

‘The Power Of Love II’ is a funky, house track, that features signature old school disco elements with a modern, fresh twist. Powerful vocals fit perfectly with the groovy bassline and the energetic drop just ties everything nicely together. All of that combined really ignites that nostalgic feel, bringing us directly back to the dance floor in the 90s.

Next track of the EP ‘Regenerate Love’ consists of pretty similar elements as the previous one, providing us with an amazing groove and making you move no matter where you are. Compared to ‘The Power Of Love II’, ‘Regenerate Love’ it is a little bit more melodic and the techno influence seems to be more obviously present in this one. It is a perfect club weapon for sure and there is no doubt that we will be hearing it in many DJ sets in the upcoming months. The EP contains extended and shorter edits of the tracks and together with the first two releases it makes a great addition to your weekend playlist.

Calvin Harris has put his commercial sound on hold for now and is rediscovering himself, exploring the underground, funky world of house and techno. Since this is just the beginning we can expect a lot more music from his Love Regenerator project in the upcoming months for sure and we are super excited what he might deliver next.

Stream the latest EP below:


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