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Daft Punk album ‘Discovery’ turns 19 years old

It’s hard to deny the impact of Daft Punk on electronic music. The two incredible Frenchmen now have a career spanning over 20 years in electronic music, and it’s safe to say they’ve shook things up more than once. Back in January 1997 the group dropped their now seminal debut album Homework, which changed the game of house music forever and built the foundations for the ‘French touch’ house scene which was beginning to explode at that time. Four years later the group were to return with an album which is still widely considered as one of the greatest electronic albums ever made.

In 2001 Daft Punk released their sophomore album Discovery. At the time it divided some sections of their fanbase who were expecting a more harder-edged sound closer in line with Homework. However, the album generally received widespread acclaim and today it is often thought of as one of the best dance albums ever created. The incredible blend of funky, house driven sounds which were infused with more accessible pop aspects seen as something completely different to listeners of electronic music, and for many they had never heard music like this before. Tracks such as Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Digital Love are instantly recognisable and appeal to people from all sorts of musical backgrounds, one of the reasons the album has been so successful. The production value on the record is also top notch, and Daft Punk’s infamous use of sampling is perhaps shown off best on this album.

Even today the album’s impact can still be heard in the sets of many DJs from all types of dance music, and they’ll always get a phenomenal response on dance floors across the globe. Daft Punk managed to create not just one of the finest dance records of all time in Discovery, but also one of the the best albums ever made and 19 years later it still sounds as good as the first time we all heard it.


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