EDC Las Vegas 2022

EDC Las Vegas 2020 will see entire motor speedway used for first time

As the 10th anniversary edition of EDC Las Vegas at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (EDC) is fast approaching, Pasquale Rotella and his team at Insomniac have been planning how to make this edition the biggest and best yet for quite some time now (presumably since the last ravers left the site on Monday morning after the 2019 edition closed its gates). The hard-working team have recently been on site and revealed information that will change the game for the dusk till dawn festival.

Although it’s already a huge site, EDC has never been able to use the full Las Vegas Motor Speedway to its capacity – until now. Around the venue, a lot of RV hookup posts are scattered around inconvenient areas of the speedway, rending those particular areas completely unusable. Pasquale stated that he’s wanted to have them removed ever since they moved to the area with EDC in Vegas ten years ago but it was never possible. Now, his dreams are coming true and they are finally being removed. As for the state of the festival, it means more room to dance and to fit crowds in at the neonGARDEN and quantumVALLEY stages, as well as around the pixelFOREST area.

This is great news for the future of EDC, and we can’t wait to see how the festival looks with even more room. If you’re looking to go this year and you don’t already have a ticket, then you’re out of luck as tickets have been sold out since last year in a record-breaking amount of time. Read Pasquale Rotella’s post about EDC Las Vegas & plans for use of the speedway in 2020 below.


Image Credit: Jose Murga for Insomniac Events

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