Kaskade & BROHUG – 1990

Kaskade has always been a producer to explore different genres which range from house, big-room and even pop music. After collaborating with pop sensation Meghan Trainor on ‘With You,’ Kaskade flawlessly combined both his passion for electronic and pop music into this vibrant single. Rising to the top of the music industry with several achievements such as 7 Grammy nominations and being the first solo electronic artist to sell out the massive Staples Center in Los Angeles, Kaskade has been riding his own waves in the music industry since day one. Always motivated to be one step ahead of the game, Kaskade has teamed up with Swedish trio BROHUG for a throwback single which takes listeners all the way back to ‘1990.’

Paying homage to SNAP!’s iconic single ‘The Power,’ Kaskade and BROHUG incorporate snippets of the original vocals to further exemplify their dynamic production style. As the anticipation begins to build in the room with the backdrop of nostalgia-ridden lyrical riffs, subtle bass lines aligned with rattling instrumentals support Kaskade and BROHUG’s dream to bring the groovy single to life. Not to mention every old school fan’s favorite line, “I’ve Got the Power!” which is blended perfectly into the rhythmic bounce. If you are ready to travel back in time with Kaskade and BROHUG, see what they had to say about the significance of the track and listen to it below.

“1990 was an incredible year for music. You couldn’t go into a club, pizzeria, or record store without hearing the iconic song by SNAP! ‘The Power,’ and here we are in 2020 with it still buzzing in the zeitgeist. ‘1990’ is only to be played on the loudest of speakers, and has got the power to stay stuck in your head long after hearing it.” 


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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