Disclosure & Khalid combine again for masterpiece ‘Know Your Worth’

With a joyful personality and soothing voice, 22 year old Khalid has always proven to win the hearts of his fan base globally through his uplifting music. As his heartwarming lyrics have consistently proven to light up even the darkest of days, Khalid has undeniably risen to the top of the music industry since his first debut of ‘Location‘ which took to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Bringing out those good vibes since 2017, Khalid continued to build his imprint around the world by collaborating with recognised artists such as Billie Eilish and the UK duo known as Disclosure. After recently releasing his quality single Talk which featured top of the notch production from Disclosure themselves, Khalid has called upon the UK duo once again for their new single ‘Know Your Worth‘. If you are looking for a single to help overcome any heartbreak, then Khalid and Disclosure are here for you with the perfect remedy.

Showcasing a vibrant production style from Disclosure, a soft instrumental becomes apparent which is infused with echoes of Khalid’s pacifying to bring listeners into Khalid’s world of pure happiness. Always sharing their positive outlook on life, Khalid and Disclosure really do provide the reason for listeners to “keep their head up” as subtle chimes and a backdrop of drums bring out Khalid’s epic chorus which flows immaculately. As the tempo rises a notch with hints of bass, it feels as if Khalid is sharing his personal feelings throughout the single to connect with listeners on a deeper level. Delivering a strong message throughout the single along with Disclosure’s taste of tropical house, it is safe to say Khalid and Disclosure are a match made in heaven.

Listen to the track below and let us know if you agree.


Image Credit: Rukes.com


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