Markus Schulz & Adina Butar – Indestructible

Markus Schulz and Adina Butar, the trance golden couple, have been writting in the studio once again, to present us with ‘Indestructible’.

The soulmates share a beautiful story of love and music. They met in 2014 while collaborating on their track ‘Muse’, and shortly after, the german presented her lover to the world by asking Adina to greet the crowd during ASOT 550. His public gestures of love continued throughout their relationship, with a highlight in 2018, when he asked her to marry him during his OTC set at Avalon Hollywood. They sealed their story with golden rings by getting married in 2019.

‘Breathe Me To Life’, ‘You & I’, ‘Universe Is Mine’ & ‘Muse’, also came from studio sessions together, where they are used to work and write together.  For ‘Indestructible’, Markus has produced an uproar at ever turn and twist. Drums, tech, and percussion with a call-and-response distortion pattern. In the drop, he cracks the door to some lighter tones, raining down the pianoforte and overturning Adina’s heart-on-sleeve. Touching on the themes familiar to most, the lyrics not only love’s nature but also what it takes to make it survive and thrive. Post-break, through an uprush of b-line power, pitch flame, and big synth glory, Markus answers that call.

A new chapter on their musical story is out! Make sure to check ‘Indestructible’ here.

Image Credit: Markus Schulz (Press)


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